About us


I was just 18 when I was for the first time in Amsterdam. Coming from Slovenia, I was working as a student in Germany. After a month of work in Wuppertaal me and my friend went hitch-hiking to Amsterdam.

I for sure didn’t book any room. In the “hippy” times we were slipping outside in the parks or on the adge of a parking place.

And food? That was the first time I eat “Een met” = “One with” as we Dutch calls it, a chips with mayonnaise, later made so very famous in “Pulp fiction” movie…

I visit the city many more times on different accessions, before I move here about 15 yeas ago. Now after so many years I’m starting my “small not a hotel = Freeroomtonight.” adventure.

Otherwise I’m art director and web designer, running a small web agency called Blue Brother. A lot of company videos and that kind of stuff.



My great help en support in my life and in everyday activities is my lovely wife Margarita, a medical doctor and acupuncturist.She just started (a year ago) here own practice, have a look if you want Acuvitae.

I have 2 children, but they do not leave with us.


    For travellers with need to share a good story behind a table of good food and good bottle of vine or just a bed and peace…


    Volkskrant 09/08/2012


TV 10x Beter NL2

FreeRoomTonight on TV

See our newspaper article from Volkskrant and fragment of TV program “10xBeter” shown on the national TV on the bottom of this page.

Special service

  • Food
  • As a semi professional cook I also offer to our guests to join as at the table for “rich” breakfast (7,50 Euro) or dinner (12,50 Euro) All included. Coffee and vine.

    For breakfast I serve (sometimes) “Strudel”, a sweet cheese pie which comes from my mothers side of the family. It is a simple farmer dish, but some of my friends are claiming that they are addicted to it… Otherwise the food is mix of different world cuisine.

    As I was born in Slovenia, which has in the distance of 150 km a border with Italian, Alp, Austrian, Hungarian, Turkish influenced “Balkan” and Mediterranean cuisine and I’m living 20 years in Holland (Asian influence) my food is really fusion.

    But you are more than welcome to join us at the table at “Freeroomtonight.”..

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Languages we speak

  • English
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Croatian / Srbian
  • and of cause Dutch

    Languages we can read/understand

  • German
  • some Italian
  • some Bulgarian