Conditions and Rules


You have chosen our FreeRoomTonight service instead of a hotel. This means first of all that we can’t give you a 24 hours service. Secondly, we have some house rules that need to be respected in order to make your stay and that of others as comfortable as possible.

For one, we ask our guests to respect each other’s privacy. We much appreciate it if our guests will be careful with the objects in our apartments. Accidents are always possible, but damages need to be paid for.


Please respect each others well deserved sleep and try to be quiet should you come in at a late hour. Screaming and shouting is not welcome over the day too.


Rooms are ready after 15.00 hrs. Arrivals are possible at any moment during the day, however, only after deliberation with us. If at your time of arrival in the morning the room is not yet ready, you can always leave luggage with us and accept the key. On the day of departure you have to check out before noon (12:00). If your train or plane leave in the afternoon or evening, you can always leave your luggage with us till the time of departure.

Breakfast and or Dinner

Breakfast can be provided for a 7,50€ p/p and dinner for 12,50€ p/p. You will join us table and we eat breakfast around 09.00h – 10:00h and diner around 19:00h-20.00h Animals Animals are allowed but must be previously announced.


Strangers are not allowed into the apartments without our permission.


We are a NON SMOKING in our apartments. Smoking in therefore prohibited.

Alcohol and or (soft)drugs

The trade or use of (soft)drugs and alcohol abuse are not permitted.


Any activity prohibited by the law are forbidden.

Moving of furniture

Guests have to respect the decoration of the room. We don’t allow that furniture is moved from the room to be placed elsewhere.


As some of the toilets are (one) “electrical” please do now throw anything inside accept toilet paper we provide. In the case of stoppage we will have to bring the cost of reparations on your account.


Apartments will be cleaned before your arrival and after you leave.


For the convenience of our guests there is a WiFi network that can be used on our and guests computers. It is strictly forbidden (and monitored) to surf to any inappropriate websites forbidden by law or that go against the good taste in general.


We are official B&B (registered by the municipality) so the same registration rules as for the hotel applies for all our guests… ;-)


We accept no responsibility for any loss, accident, personal injury, medical expenses or property damage caused by personal negligence or by any other circumstances beyond our control.


On the day after the guest checks in, the payout method you supplied will be credited. For details, see your Transaction History.

Cancellation Policy

Moderate: Full refund 5 days prior to arrival, except fees
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